Shiny Silver Chrome Finish 'D' Ring Buckle
Shiny Silver Chrome Finish 'D' Ring Buckle
Shiny Silver Chrome Finish 'D' Ring Buckle
Shiny Silver Chrome Finish 'D' Ring Buckle

Shiny Silver Chrome Finish 'D' Ring Buckle

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Product Specifications :

Product number : BC092200225
Quality : Premium
Color : Shiny Silver
Material : Alloy
Length : 2.3 cm 
Width : 3.4 cm
Thickness : 2 mm (per piece)
Weight : 3 g (per piece)
Contains : 2 Pieces
MRP : 89.00


Description :

  • D ring buckles are adjustable metal buckles that are shaped like a capital "D". They are commonly used to temporarily connect a strap or strip of fabric or to make a strap adjustable. Available in shiny silver chrome finish in size 30mm (1.15inch). D rings are mainly used for functionality to make a strap adjustable, but they can also be used decoratively with waist belts, purse straps and more.
  • Classic premium chrome finish buckle with adjustable and sliding fancy belt buckle with smooth and shiny engraved design surface finish. This buckle helps in embellishment of coats, jackets, Indo-western suits/coats/jackets, dresses & give it a classic touch. This sliding buckle can be used to embellish waist belts, straps, belt buckle on a ribbon or rope belt, backpack straps, purse handle, baby sling, ties, add a funky hardware element, or attach them to the thick end for a belt, capes, for an adjustable neckline that will look better than tied, hat or bicycle helmet strap, Overalls, tote bags, use one at a time at the ends of the straps for decoration!
  • The bar inside is 3 cm wide so you can insert any type of cloth material belt/elastic of 3 cm to create the belt. This D ring buckle from Jhonea can be worn with your flared or pencil cut dresses adding style and trend to your attire. The belt looks very sophisticated, and can easily be paired with most solid-colored dresses to add a chic vibe to the look. 
  • Pair it with leather, metal, wood, plastic/resin, or any cloth belt & wear it on a sari, gown, dress, one-piece, skirt, jeans, pants, palazzos, coats, jackets, pants, trousers, formals, tops/blouse, & so on...
  • Get that designer look with this fancy & fashionable belt buckle. Made of good quality alloy for great strength, durability & long-lasting. Also used to decorate hats, shoes, bags, purses, embellishments, corsets, etc.
  • This buckle is used on a variety of belts, bust belts, waist belts, etc. When attached with any type of belt, leather or heavy cloth, or any other material, & worn around the waist, which is usually of less circumference than the hips underneath, preventing pants from falling, but later have been transformed into a fashion accessory so you can use it to your imagination & get more creative. 

Note : 

  • Size can vary between 1mm to 3mm
  • Weight can vary between 1gm to 3gms
  • For exact dimensions refer to the last image of this product.

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