Ring runner black with red stripes sporty molded plastic zipper




      A zipper, zip, fly, or zip fastener, formerly known as a clasp locker, is a commonly used device for binding the edges of an opening of fabric or other flexible material, such as on dresses of women's & men's clothing like top/blouse, pants, jeans, palazzos, jackets, track pants, joggers, shrugs, shirt, blazer, coat, overcoat, trench-coats, gowns, dress, skirt, one‑piece, etc & kids clothing as well. Many different styles and designs are available for variety of clothing projects like fancy zippers, jeans zipper, pant zipper, trouser zipper, jacket zipper, dress zipper, invisible zippers and many more. Also used on fashion accessories like bag zipper, purse zipper, clutch zipper, embellishments on clothes, craft projects, shoe zipper & other decorative items. Get good quality designer zippers for your designer bespoke clothing on Jhonea.

      Zipper, as a kind of fastener, is a common clothing accessory which is able to play an essential role in fashion design because in the eyes of designers, zipper can even go beyond fabric and become the protagonist in clothing design through unusual mechanism settings. Apply zipper to details of a garment to enhance an attractive visual impact. Endless unique creative ideas stem from different types of zipper, representing the design language of designers and adding a chic statement to clothing. Zipper can also be cut to adjust the length according to actual needs.

      We have all types of zipper solutions for fashion designing students, bespoke tailors, couturiers, fashion designers, home-made tailors and craft makers, etc. Available in various styles and designs for multiple uses. Also available in many colors and sizes in long/short/medium length zipper which is the best quality and is decorated on all types of dresses for men/women and kids clothing as well.

      Please Contact us if you want to customise the size of the zippers, The MOQ for each customised zipper size is 100-200 pieces. For further queries please contact our customer support team. We'd be happy to help you!