#5 Shiny Gold & Shiny Silver Soft Shiny Black Satin Tape Zipper

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Product Specifications :

Product number : ZP082200053
Quality : Premium
Color : Black with Shiny Gold, Black with Shiny Silver
Material : Mix



13cm x 3.2cm ( length & width )
(5 inch)
Thickness : 9mm (per piece)
Weight : 14gms (per piece)
Contains :  1 Piece
MRP. : 299/-

60cm x 3.2cm ( length & width )
(23.5 inch)
Thickness : 9mm (per piece)
Weight : 43gms (per piece)
Contains : 1 Piece
MRP. : 659/-


Description :

  • Premium quality #5 open end and closed end decorative fashion zipper with golden metal teeth & silver metal teeth with a shiny gold & shiny silver puller on a soft shiny black satin tape designer wear zipper which is used for various types of clothing for men, women & kids clothing denim jackets, leather jackets, denim jeans, pants, pockets/sleeves of jackets/coats & suits/blazers, sweatshirts, hoodies, fashion sports wear, fancy jackets, kids wear, everyday jackets, biker jackets, dresses, skirts, etc.
  • You can sew it on the dresses in creative ways. The closed end zipper can also be cut from either sides to meet the required size & sewed on the garments accordingly. Whereas, the open end zipper can also be cut from top side to meet the required size & sewed on the garments accordingly. Available in 2 different sizes- 5inch (closed-end) & 23.5inch (open-end).
  • These sewing zipper in a classic gold & silver colour on a black colour satin tape with a full zipper closure is perfect to accessorise your designer clothes and give a voguish look. Sew it on a classic designer jacket to exude those playful vibes and be the ultimate trendsetter of class and style or sew it in a contrast colour setting for a dual colour look.
  • This fashionable metal teeth open-end zipper with 23.5 inch long in length with 5mm teeth and runner size no.5 on a 3.2cm satin tape size with a complete separating bottom, so you can detach the zipper from itself and remove your coat/jacket. There is a pin and a box at one end, and the pin is inserted into the box to start the zipper. Whereas the closed-end zipper with 5 inch long in length with 5mm teeth and runner size no.5 on a 3.2cm satin tape size has a complete closed-end bottom for pockets & sleeves.
  • This zipper is premium quality with great polish and smooth chain, pleasant to touch with easy smooth gliding slide and runner. It not only looks good on garments but also looks fantastic on leather goods, long-length boots, bags, and other fashion accessories.

Care :

  • Zip up the clothes and turn them inside out before putting them for washing. Use mild detergents with gentle wash.
  • Make sure the zippers are fully closed with the sliders fixed in position before washing. In case if the zipper unzips during washing process, simply use a pin to fasten and secure the zipper from sliding back down.
  • Wrap up the sliders/runners and zipper teeth to provide protection against strong physical collision, friction and abrasion. 
  • Throughly cleanse and dry the clothes in a timely manner after washing process.

Note : 

  • Size can vary between 1mm to 3mm
  • Weight can vary between 1gm to 3gms
  • For exact dimensions refer to the last image of this product.

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