Jhonea Buttons Size Guide

Jhonea Buttons Size Chart Guide to check for standard sizes of buttons like shirt buttons, blazer buttons, coat buttons, metal buttons, sherwani buttons, kurta buttons and many different button sizes can check on Jhonea buttons size chart.


Buttons sizes can be confusing! But if you are a designer or a garment manufacturer or use it individually for personal use understanding how to measure a button is super important before placing it on your garment. That’s why we’ve put together this easy buttons size guide for getting the perfect measurements for your dresses.

Here you’ll find the different units i.e. millimetre (mm) and Ligne (L) used to measure buttons. And some other useful tips like the standard button sizes used for different garments and for finding exactly the right sized button for your clothing projects.

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If you have questions about a specific button size, please feel free to contact us for additional details.