Black with Grey Stripes Reverse Coil Waterproof Zipper
Black with Grey Stripes Reverse Coil Waterproof Zipper
Black with Grey Stripes Reverse Coil Waterproof Zipper
Black with Grey Stripes Reverse Coil Waterproof Zipper

Black with Grey Stripes Reverse Coil Waterproof Zipper

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Product Specifications :

Product number : ZP081900008
Color : Black with Grey
Material : Mix
Length : 8 inch (20.2cm)
Width : 3 cm
Thickness : 8 mm (per piece)
Weight : 9 g (per piece)
Contains : 1 PCs
MRP : 149.0


Description :

  • This fashionable zipper is waterproof & leakproof design. It is a reversible reflective invisible waterproof zipper that features an invisible look on black with grey stripes on a PVC layer with a runner size number 5 & the back consists of nylon coil material.
  • Ideal to separate wet stuff from the other items. Easy to clean with water & dry fast after use. It is made from durable, lightweight & high-quality PVC. The nylon strap is reinforced & double-stitched so it can easily withstand heavy loads.
  • Very easy to use & suitable for garments like sportswear, swimsuits, dry suits, etc. Use top embellish on track pants, joggers, jeggings, jeans, pants, jackets, coats, designer wear, etc. Not only used for fashion purposes but also used to keep air & water away.
  • Easy to open & close it has a smooth runner for easy gliding & it binds the edges together firmly & is squeezed against one another forming an invisible look. Ideal for both men & women, girls & boys & on kids' clothing also. Attached on bags, pouches, folders, shoes, craft projects, embellishments, etc..
  • Use this zipper to refinish or repair any clothing. Also, use it for your zipper replacement for your dresses or any clothing projects. You can also cut this zipper short from the end if you require a little shorter length for your clothing/projects.

Care :

  • Zip up the clothes and turn them inside out before putting them for washing. Use mild detergents with gentle wash.
  • Make sure the zippers are fully closed with the sliders fixed in position before washing. In case if the zipper unzips during washing process, simply use a pin to fasten and secure the zipper from sliding back down.
  • Wrap up the sliders/runners and zipper teeth to provide protection against strong physical collision, friction and abrasion. 
  • Thoroughly cleanse and dry the clothes in a timely manner after washing process.

Note : 

  • Size can vary between 1mm to 3mm
  • Weight can vary between 1gm to 3gms
  • For exact dimensions refer to the last image of this product.

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